Obey, Daddy // Narry

Obey, Daddy // Narry

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"Please don't call me, Mr. Styles.  You can call me Daddy," Harry purred, seductively licking his lips.

"What the fuck! I'm not calling you anything," Niall took a step back as Harry took a step forward until he was pressed against the whiteboard.

"You best watch your tongue, kitten or I'm gonna bend you over that desk right here and punish you," Harry growled in Niall's ear, pressing his body against the blonde.


Or in which Niall is a rude, sassy, mean ass boy, who loves being a total bitch all the time and Harry is his history teacher who has a Daddy kink and gets Niall into the BDSM world.

(idea from -narryhearts)

-Contains BDSM and BoyxBoy-

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LilzCampbell LilzCampbell Sep 18, 2017
because that's just a casual response to coffee being spilt on you
Solitarium Solitarium Mar 08, 2016
You know the comment section is for people's opinions, and if you can't even take their criticism, that will not help you in the future
ImStillGhost ImStillGhost Aug 24, 2016
I smoked at some point and when me and my girlfriend first met I took out a cigarette and she said if you smoke that I'm gonna delete you from my contacts.
- - Aug 09, 2016
I like how I'm a dark Larrie but I'm reading this cuz I ran out of good Larry fanfics to read lmao (btw, recommend any bdsm Larry fanfics?)
90snerdnjh 90snerdnjh Sep 09, 2015
quick question, will cross dressing or mpreg also be in this ?