I Daire You [On-Hold]

I Daire You [On-Hold]

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ting By utter_sarcasm Updated Aug 12, 2013

"The boy seated on the couch was absolutely breathtaking. With that thick layer of floppy brown hair that fell across his forehead, deep penetrating dark gaze and fit figure, he resembled a replica of a Greek God..

He was my mate; and I was his.

So, not that it pissed me off or anything, but ..

Why exactly was he shoving his tongue down the throat of that blondie straddling his lap?"


Daire St Claire should be what most female, teenage Wolves would envy.

With a protective twin brother that always had her back, and a father that was best known for being the Alpha of the biggest pack in the States, you'd think she'd have it all. But when the word 'werewolf' came in, so did the problem. At the age of 17, the presence of her wolf was still missing.

Imagine her confusion when she receives a letter to attend Silver Moon Academy - a prestigious school built especially for chosen werewolves. As if being accepted wasn't enough of a shock, she just had to walk in on her, not just dorm-, but actual mate, future Alpha of the Sombre Stones pack, Clinton Vermont, getting heated with another she-wolf.

Some arrogant werewolves, bitter tension, a supernatural war and a life-threatening prophecy, and that's all it takes for Daire to realize that having a player as a mate is the least of her problems.

[A/N: Summary sucks, I know. But try it out. I heard it ain't half bad x]

[WARNING: Due to lack of inspiration and time, 'I Daire You' has been currently labelled as On-Hold until further notice. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.]

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Sparrow91 Sparrow91 Jul 23, 2014
This is really good so far, looking forward to reading more and knowing what happens next with Daire. Voted!!
janzeleez janzeleez Aug 17, 2013
Don\'t ever delete please TvT i just started reading but i love your style of writting, grammer, and story line XD keep up hard work 0v0
blond_princess15 blond_princess15 Aug 16, 2013
I wish Wattpad would make it easier for readers to get to books that are actually great, like this one! You deserve so much more reads/ votes like seriously.
blond_princess15 blond_princess15 Aug 16, 2013
Am I the only one that said TWEP out loud and cracked up just because it sounds amusing? haha Seriously though, I'm addicted to your books :P This would be my 3rd book of yours in like 3 days...