A Typical Teen Love Story

A Typical Teen Love Story

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Learning to let go is a hard lesson for many teenage girls to learn.  

Seventeen year old Megan, has the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world, or so she thinks.  After one night of betrayal, their relationship quickly falls downhill.  Will Megan continue to forgive her boyfriend and watch the relationship crash and burn, or will she learn to let go and love herself first?


Letter From the Author:

Hi everyone! So this is one of my stories i've written before.  And yes, I guess you could say it's about a guy I like, but the name is changed.  All the characters, except for me of course.  I'm not exactly sure where this fits either, but I'm putting it somewhere anyways.  Hope you all enjoy it! Updates to the story will be coming soon!!!

Mild swearing and language involved in story.  Please be cautious!

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Zara1692 Zara1692 Feb 16, 2013
good start, vey descriptive and I like the little prologue at the start before this chapter. i'm curious as to why she's broken up with him though...did he cheat on her? cos if she broke up with him just because he went out without telling her that's a bit of an over reaction! well done!