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Mpreg (Justin x Harry)

Harry's in a bad relationship with his girlfriend Taylor Swift but doesn't want her, feeling something missing. Justin on the other hand, got his heart ripped to pieces by Selena because she broke up with him over a text. The boys meet at a random club and the next morning they don't remember a thing. All they know is that they woke up naked next to each other in the same bed.

Join the dramatic journey of love, hate, heartbreak, sex, fights, friends and the nearly impossible pregnancy that brought them together.

bailxyn bailxyn Jul 16, 2016
god, this really hurts when you ship Haylor or you like taylor swift
ImmaLetItSlide ImmaLetItSlide Aug 08, 2015
funny how I just came from reading the a Zarry mpreg 'BABY LUCA' 
                              and here they're friends
                              *sigh* ooo well.
JunkFood4Life JunkFood4Life Jul 26, 2014
I so happened 2 come across this lovely book n saw the cover.... The fuq is on the dudes lower body???
quiffmalik quiffmalik Apr 21, 2014
I can't believe that people had a fight over the Taylor thing. I'm a hardcore swiftie and I didn't take that personally. she wasn't hating, it's part of the story. if she was hating she would've been a lot worse.
AmaranthaTorres1 AmaranthaTorres1 Jul 15, 2013
@Trinity_Stylesx true my bro calm the hecks down its fake. Dont go all hating on someone my bro.
AmaranthaTorres1 AmaranthaTorres1 Jul 15, 2013
Its true dont go pockin until i do is spocken! This was a very glice chapter