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Naruto X Sasuke

Naruto X Sasuke

11.7K Reads 366 Votes 3 Part Story
RikkiCooper By RikkiCooper Completed

This is not a very long book but it is about sasuke forcing his way on naruto. So yeah do your thing comment, vote, and leave suggestions in my inbox. ^O^

AMS477 AMS477 Oct 24, 2016
But that's exactly what Naruto did to Sasuke last chapter. XD
PuppetMaster256 PuppetMaster256 Nov 23, 2016
He went from zero to physco in 3.9 seconds, a new world record.
Sneaky-Ville Sneaky-Ville Aug 10, 2016
                              Gray:*Gulp* y-yes?
                              Me : STOP HAVEING AN INFLUENCE ON SASUKE then again you are helping the NaruSasu sniper so GOOD JOB
                              Lucy: bipolar much ?
YaoiQueen777 YaoiQueen777 Sep 02, 2016
? ? ? ? ? 
                              I thought you were dating natsu!!!!! Not SAS uke gay
gracewolfy080 gracewolfy080 Sep 19, 2016
Grey wha you soon here !?!?! Dude  go back to ur own fanficton D:< XD
shiprussiaxcanada shiprussiaxcanada Sep 01, 2015
if I may say I would rather read the lemon later. you should have made us wait for all of that. any ways your story is WONDERFUL