Guessing Sparkles (WA 2013)

Guessing Sparkles (WA 2013)

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KC Sparks By thekimberlydiaries Completed

What if one day you meet a strange old man and he ask you to make a wish?

Meet Clarie Sparks, the girl who has always been the shadow of her own family. Finding true love has always been a tough job for her to do.

One day, while busy browsing some books at the bookstore, Clarie met a strange old man who gave her the book she never heard of. The man then asked her what she wanted in life. Little did she know, that one simple wish would change her life forever.

But Clarie should watch out though— not all wishes can make you happy. Some will just make things much worse.

One thing's for sure— it's going to be a roller coaster ride for her.

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  • chances
  • charming
  • genie
  • new-york
  • prince
  • whimsical
  • wishes
LeAlterEgo LeAlterEgo Jul 13, 2015
This is my second time reading this book and it's still awesome!
- - Feb 20, 2015
that's so CREEPY and WEIRD! like if i met a dude like that in a bookstore .. xDD
ForeverIceAngel ForeverIceAngel Feb 15, 2013
@kc_sparks08 guess what ? i love that name ;) 
                              me smart ? puh -lease ! NEVER !!! Xx 
                              now stop before we spam ur comment box of a beautiful story :P
thekimberlydiaries thekimberlydiaries Feb 15, 2013
Haha. That name suits you better. :) Do you hate that? Lol. Oh, Social, not my favorite. Don't worry, dear. I'm very sure you'll do great tomorrow. You're a smart girl. :) xx
ForeverIceAngel ForeverIceAngel Feb 15, 2013
@kc_sparks08 Angel huh ? ;) 
                              I will ! i'm not so heartless ;) 
                              Thanks Kim , social tomorrow , I HATE my life :P
                              UPDATE SOON :D Xx
thekimberlydiaries thekimberlydiaries Feb 15, 2013
@ForeverIceAngel Haha. Thank you so much, sweet angel. :) Lol, yes! Broken umbrella. Really? You'll do that? Thanks, loves! Yep, I hate exams too. Well, good luck to you then! I wish you well :) xx