Forbidden Magic (SetoSolace)

Forbidden Magic (SetoSolace)

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E.K 68 By Ender_Kitty68 Updated Nov 16, 2016

2 sides, A Kingdom with a Prince who's father died, so they are preparing for his new position to be named as the new heir. 

A Land casted out and hunted by the Kingdoms knights, this land used to contain witches, Sorcerers and mages but not many were being spotted or seen. some years later the kingdom realized that the dark land was slowly fading and rumours spread that ALL the mages and magic users have either been killed or died out. 

But more rumours spread of a Sorcerer who's magic is far beyond powerful than any magic user they have faced in years, a team was sent to capture the Sorcerer and bring him to the castle for trials and info, but what happens when the prince sees what's under the hood?

trina1030 trina1030 Mar 05, 2016
It was so hard to read the G word and in my head it just screamed butter
eyyyy_Idk eyyyy_Idk Jul 27, 2016
Why am I thinking of Asgore from Undertale when I'm reading this??? XD
Trinity-11 Trinity-11 Oct 01, 2016
Hhh just a tip, spell out the letters unless it's a year. Like instead of 2 it'd be two.
Gumgum5432 Gumgum5432 Jul 17, 2016
                              Everywhere yass
                              The ship has arrived!
Gumgum5432 Gumgum5432 Jul 17, 2016
                              This is soo good i just wanna scream right now but i cant because my cousin is sleeping
ThatStrangeMageMPF ThatStrangeMageMPF Aug 10, 2015
wow i like brices  dad he says trust strangers  not like my dad he says stay away from strangers hes no fun >:L