Goode Reads Battle of the Labyrinth

Goode Reads Battle of the Labyrinth

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Tiffany By Tiffany12345Tiffany Updated Nov 20, 2016

This is a book I adopted from @BrokenTimeTurner (A Great Author)

The cover is by @lostamongstars! (Great Job!!!)

This is what happens when Percy's school reads Battle of the Labyrinth!

TheSkyElf TheSkyElf Jan 19
We get first period, then 15 minute break, then second period, 45 minute break to eat and go play/home, third period, 5-10 minute break
Technically it’d be his senior year but you’re the author so do what ever the fu€k you want
TheSkyElf TheSkyElf Jan 19
If only mum gave me pancakes regulary. Like I only get Waffles that are halfway done (you know like in the store where you add water and butter) and thats when mum feels nice and it is weekend
At the end of the day we have a 45 minute homeroom period! Do we go to the same school?! Lol!
pillowsarelife pillowsarelife Oct 22, 2017
Apolloed? This will boost his self-confidence and that will not be good.
CloudMoon0 CloudMoon0 Jul 14, 2017
Carmen as in Spy Kids? 
                              Okay I'll just leave now *Leaves to go get a dam taco*