Rin Okumura x Reader - Jealousy

Rin Okumura x Reader - Jealousy

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Achingly Obsessed By Melynie Updated May 01, 2017

**On hiatus**
She was a simple girl. The only odd thing about her was the amount of time she spent sharpening her aim. At least, that's what it looked like to those who didn't know about the world of demons right on top of theirs.  Then she made the fatal mistake of trusting him. 

That girl was you. 
This is your story.

This is placed after the anime, since the manga is still ongoing and is including parties that would be difficult to depict in the fashion that I write. 
((I will not take any offense to you pointing out mistakes...just PM me and I'll get it fixed))

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xXTrash_PandaXx xXTrash_PandaXx May 18, 2017
I never thought you people be so dirty on this damn comment section
corpxral corpxral Dec 10, 2017
did you walk in my kitchen? Bc this pretty much described it.
HunniJuu HunniJuu Apr 10, 2017
Cough cough put a l in front of that u change the t's to r's and change the er to a y and you got BLURRYFACE😂 too much
MegaMiami100 MegaMiami100 Sep 01, 2017
idk but i remember reading this story on Quotev Im starting to think that someone copied your story
Mixed_Mindz Mixed_Mindz Mar 11, 2017
Literally only checked the comments to see all of the lemon related things
darkmoon1112 darkmoon1112 Mar 11, 2017
Someone said 'Lemon'. Which if you think about it, I haven't seen a author put protected sex in a lemon. Why?