Bipolar Love (ziall and larry)

Bipolar Love (ziall and larry)

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Ziall Horlik By TumblrDirectioner Updated Jul 12, 2013

Zayn mallik has been in the mental instituion for almost 1 year now. After months of Zayns crazy mood swings his parents can't stand it anymore. After debating what they should do to there bipolor son they finnally decide that sending him to a mental clinic would be the best. After a while his parents stop visiting and his friends don't talk to him anymore (not that he had many to begin with) . After months of being alone he gets a lot of time to think and comes to the realization that he's just unlovable. I mean if he were them  he wouldn't want anything to do with him either.

Niall horan tried to attempt suicide and after his parents find him in the bathroom bleeding out they send him to a mental clinic without a second thought. While he's there he starts to find out diffrent things about himself and he starts to wonder if his cutting was the only reason he was sent here.

His parents have no idea what's been going on with their son. Harry styles parents have always just wanted the best for him. After they find that there son still has imaginary friends they don't know how to react so they do what they think every good parent with a mental child does and they send him to a therapist. But they start to find that he's gonna need more than just a therapist to fix his problems.

Louis tomlinsin dosent believe he has a "problem" but who would. No one thinks of themselfs as crazy. But louis he is crazy. I mean he keeps people captive and once he gets tired of them he just kills them off. But what happens when one night he's careless in taking one of his victims and he finnaly gets caught will he go to jail or will a certain object help louis out of getting into jail.

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