The Devil Billionaire's Frustrated Bride

The Devil Billionaire's Frustrated Bride

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monsterwithoutname By monsterwithoutname Updated Sep 16, 2016


C A U T I O N:

This is First Draft... in every sense of the word.


"What arrangement?" She scowled - not that I'm surprised by the gesture, actually. I'm kinda getting used to her not so nice outbursts.

"Here." I handled her the paper; our contract.

"What the hell is this Mr. Bryce?" Her eyes widened as she read the contents written on it.

"That'll be our arrangement." I stated matter-of-fact.

She knitted her brows as if contemplating the reality of my words.

"What?" She gaped. Her mouth so open that I thought it could reach the floor. "You want me to pretend to be your― your fiancée?" She squeaked.

"Yes. And that, Miss Tran will begin― starting now, actually."

【warning: ţhere's lots of swearing inside. you have been warned.】

Basically everyone in my family curses like all day, everyday.😂
kittycat1959 kittycat1959 Oct 19, 2016
Oh got feel his dump her arse ! 😱😱😰😰😢😥😭
Kiara-z Kiara-z Oct 27, 2015
We need to talk tonight 
                              sounds kinda fishy to me
                              should have surprised her 
                              Awesome chap!!!