all this time || j.b

all this time || j.b

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18 year old Mia has a tough past, she's afraid it's gonna catch up to her eventually. She scared, but won't admit it. She's never really felt safe in her life due to the pain her father created in her life after her mother died. 

What happens when she meet Justin? Can Justin turn her life around or destroy it even more. Or will everything just be too much to handle for Mia? Or has Justin been what Mia's been looking for and has Mia been what Justin's been looking for?

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karinaabelieber karinaabelieber May 14, 2016
I know this book has a lot of "lol" I'll fix the mistakes soon. No they don't say it out loud.
MsBieber96 MsBieber96 Jun 10, 2016
😄😂 I'm pass chapter 30 I'm at the beginning of chapter 32 I still don't see any mistakes so it's fine 😌
Nour_Hadidi Nour_Hadidi Aug 19, 2015
"yeah im rich keep the change" thats how i think everytime i do this xDDDD