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Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE)

Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE)

104K Reads 3K Votes 43 Part Story
Musically_Greek By Musically_Greek Completed

Tris Prior is the daughter of the Beta for Abnegation Gray Moon pack. It's her 17 birthday, haven't found her mate, or shifted yet. When she is given the chance to change packs forever, she takes it and meets someone. For better, or for worse?
  Tobias "Four" Eaton is the Alpha of  Dauntless Black Blood pack. He is turning 20 and haven't found his mate yet. His pack is the biggest, baddest, pack in North America. He has secrets he would prefer to keep to himself, that makes him cold. When he meets his mate, she starts to bring out the good in him. 
  Little did they know that two close friends have betrayed Tris from the beginning that they have met her. They are working with the wrong side for...benefits. Who would do that? They would. 
  Romance, Drama, Betrayal, Suspense, and most importantly...
  The Divergency of People that caused it all. 
  What will happen to everyone? Read on to find out.
  DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Divergent character and I will never own them. All inspiration rights go to author Veronica Roth.

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