Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy

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Some people say love starts from the moment you meet that person.Others say love at first sight only happens in the movies and if it's real you only fall for the person's looks.
But for Grayson it was love at first sight no matter what anyone says or whether he knew it or not.

Zara was different,she didn't have to show off cleavage or wear a skin tight dress to look sexy because in her jeans and T-shirt she was the sexiest woman in his eyes.So that night when he saw her at the party he couldn't resist but walk in her direction and ask her to dance,he couldn't help but to kiss every inch of her body as they made love in that random room in that random house.

And when the night ended and it was time for him to leave,he walked out the door with an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach not knowing that a little tiny human would soon grown inside her stomach.


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jakifranz jakifranz May 01
Constructive critique: it’s hard to read the story if every single word is capitalized in the beginning.
7RonnieFarren 7RonnieFarren Aug 28, 2017
This is the stupidest think I have ever heard and she is a bítch for keeping that girl from her father without even asking him
7RonnieFarren 7RonnieFarren Aug 28, 2017
He wouldn't because u kept his kid away from him for years like the stupid bïtch u are
Wait if she was pretending not to know him and he recognized her and asked her and she played dumb why did she give her name now he clearly knows he was right I’m so confused
zea-sama zea-sama Nov 10, 2016
That can easily be reversed/fixed in MS Word with copy paste and letter case
Anali_gonzalez Anali_gonzalez Nov 01, 2015
already loving this story just feels weird having all the words capitalized