Night School

Night School

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NinjasInHell By NinjasInHell Updated Jul 11, 2014

Ever felt like your living a double life?

Well, what if you are living a double life?

Welcome to the prestigious high school St Kensington Academy. Not only is there normal day classes but there's also the Night School program which has just began.

The day students have no idea though that the Night School students, are Demons, Immortal beings full of magic and mystery.

Of all the Immortals in the Night School none are as feared as Alexis, Kara, Tanisha and Anastasia. These four are the head of Hades Army. And now there living on Earth, travelling between dimensions and living a double life. So what could go wrong for the daughter of Hades and her 3 best friends and 2 sister in laws?

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