Living With My 5 Brother's And Dad (BoyxBoy) {UNDER MAJOR EDITING}

Living With My 5 Brother's And Dad (BoyxBoy) {UNDER MAJOR EDITING}

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Sebastian has always had the normal life of a teenage boy friends, school,and work except a full family where it's always been him and his mom, but that all changes when he gets a phone call his mom died in a car crash, so the only guardian he has left is his father, whom he didnt know existed,when he's told he also happens to a have 5 brother's, so what will it be like living with a father and 5 brother's he doesnt know and they all seem closer than a regular family.

Don't be fooled there's more to this story than incest

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RexTheBoy RexTheBoy 3 days ago
This is funny 😂😂. Like no offense
                              But you just don't go and call somebody and just say that sentence 
I want to feel bad ... ....... but I barely knew the bitch😂😂😂😃
WolfBoy_015 WolfBoy_015 Apr 27
Lucky people...I live in NY where there's pollution, more pollution, and dirty air 😷😟😕
XD I think you mean the department of social services. Social security is for money and stuff social services are for families and stuff.
I had a moment like this. When I was in 5th grade I found out I have like 5 half siblings.
I want to feel bad. In stead of thinking like aww you poor baby I'm laughing and thinking yes that bitch died. Is this bad? Like she didn't even do anything. 😂😂