Captain jackson

Captain jackson

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percababie By jamiebarnes21 Updated Aug 22, 2016

You think Steve Rogers was the first person to get the super soldier serum?
Oh no

Back before Steve was 'the captain' they practiced the serum on a boy from Brooklyn

It failed and the boy was out on ice in hope of finding a cure to fix him

But his doctor died and he was forgotten 

His friends couldn't find him but...

In 2015

His eyes opened and look around at the ice he was trapped in

And the first avenger woke up

14? Now I really can't take this seriously. I thought he'd be 16 or somethin
Discordo Discordo Jun 21
Dyeing XD I don't think she has the opportunity to do that rn
Dude. There are way too many comments for 3 words 😂😂😂
Way past 2015. 2017 my friends. And let me tell you it's a sh*t storm.
The one thing I always wish when I read Percy stories, a wish I have had for a long time: Why can't I have natural black hair? 😭😢