Chaotiki Angeloi (Chaotic Angels) [Percy Jackson]

Chaotiki Angeloi (Chaotic Angels) [Percy Jackson]

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Shadow-Chan By Chaotic_Angelsass Updated Dec 27, 2015

Soon after the war with Gaea, Percy was going to propose to his loving girlfriend, Annabeth. But what he finds shatters his heart forever. 

Percy Jackson runs away from his girlfriend and his half-brother kissing on the beach.

4 months after Percy runs away, a black figure comes out of a portal. He soon realizes that this figure is Chaos, Creator of the Universe. Chaos asks Percy if he would become Commander of the Chaos Army and Chaotic Angels. He accepts, making Percy Jackson die, and Télos be born. 

When he picked his name, he learns Télos was his birth name. He also learned the one and only creator of the universe and an immortal princess was his father and mother. Their names: Chaos and Sõdalane. His mother faded 4 years after his birth. 

Télos also learns he is The Heart Of The Void, a Primordial, and on the Primordial Council. He finds some of his dead friends on Planet Chaos. He befriends the Queen of Creatures and becomes her missing companion.

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Ship: Loner Percy/Télos

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Wait am sorry but did this happen and what is the half brothers name, I am new to Percy Jacksons so I don't know
Yes give him the cookies even though he does not deserve them. He needs the 🍪🍪🍪!!
If he comes back and she's wearing that ring then bïtch is 'bout to lose a finger
Why does nobody realize that the same exact person is saying Percy did all these bad things?
*pushes down middle finger with other hand's index finger* Bitch