The Story of the Young, Innocent and Reckless.

The Story of the Young, Innocent and Reckless.

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The Chosen, Wretched & Divine By RecklessPierces Updated Apr 11, 2013

Kris, Aly, and Rain Pierce. 

We all face up and downs in our lives, right..? It’s not that things always stay the same, and everythings permanently normal forever. There are a lot of things the world hides under its sleeves. We all just live under shelter, and live the life we were given. But at the end of the day, it’s just another day like any other. But sometimes, life can give you a heck of a ride. It’s the 2000’s, and humanity is filled with the rock n roll vibe, at least that’s how we see it anyway. It’s the same ole thing, right? But what if one day you wake up and decide taking that one ride, that without even knowing it, changes your life completely? Admit it, we all have dreams. Sometimes we are afraid of them becoming true, due to the fact of it turning out to be a dream. But sometimes, the things you have in the back of your mind always, are the ones being put right in front of your eyes. 

Things change.

For the good or for the bad.


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