Broken (One Direction Fanfiction)

Broken (One Direction Fanfiction)

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ChloeObsessed1D By ChloeObsessed1D Updated Sep 19, 2014

Being a 17 year old isn't easy, Especially for Grace Tomlinson. Not only does she get judged for being Louis Tomlinson's younger sister, She get's bullied at school nearly every day. You see, Grace got held back a few years. She was never able to concentrate completely with her parents in her background. Her parents were always fighting, which in the end resulted in Divorce. She was scheduled to live with her Mum, but honestly she couldn't handle it anymore so she moved in with her brother Louis. She would always come to an empty house, as Louis was always somewhere around the world. 

She would occasionally get incoming calls from Louis asking how she was. However, She would just reply the usual 'I'm Fine' or 'I'm Okay.' But they were never true. Grace was diagnosed with Depression last year. This also led to cutting. Of Course, Louis didn't know anything and Grace planned on keeping it this way. Having an alcoholic boyfriend who abuses her doesn't exactly help her at all, coming home with bruises on herself every night.

But when Louis and his band mates plan on staying at Grace's and her brothers house, Things don't always go as planned. Does Grace find that she's falling for a certain curly haired boy? Does anybody find out her dirty secrets? Read ahead to find out.

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Smileyyunicornss Smileyyunicornss Apr 21, 2014
Da pie chiz??? It takes me longer than 29 MINUTES to CHANGE let alone SHOWER (i dont use makeup. I never hav the time XD)
DerpLashton DerpLashton Oct 22, 2013
I love all the insperational quotes at the beginning and end of the chapters! <3
ChloeObsessed1D ChloeObsessed1D Jul 03, 2013
@CarolynLeslie I'm writing it now! Should be up either today or tomorrow, x
yolosowhynotlove1D yolosowhynotlove1D Jun 15, 2013
Love it! all your stories are magnifectlly written (Yes im aware that's not how you spell that but my brain is fried the moment) so ya :D
yikesleah yikesleah Jun 04, 2013
Updatr! Pleaseeee! Ill die....I wanna know what happens! !!! lol xx
ChloeObsessed1D ChloeObsessed1D May 15, 2013
@HopefullyMsDeppSoon Thanks! You don't know how much that means to me compared to your story. xoxoo