27 of the Sky: a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic

27 of the Sky: a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic

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FullmetalMafiaBoss By FullmetalMafiaBoss Updated Jul 26, 2015

Tsuna was just a Dame in everyone's eyes. His classmates. His brother. His father. But Tsuna kept it that way. His true identity, Cielo27- an assassin and hacker, was kept secret. Not even his cruel twin brother who thought he knew everything about Tsuna (which is to say a mute Dame) had not a single thought about Tsuna being one of the top five most dangerous assassins in the Mafia.

When adult Reborn comes to train Tsuna's baka of a brother, Tsuna is treated well by the hitman. And slowly, Tsuna gains new friends.

Contains: OCs, OOCness

Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Oct 08
*huffs* He should treat people with respect! If he didn't show them respect then they will never show respect to him.
Yay!!! I am so happy because I read another fanfic that was like this but nana and iemitsu were motherf***ing a$$holes while the brother was the one who loved him. I love u nana for loving our precious Tuna!!
This is confusing me already! I thought he was supposed to be a baby!
Reborn the number most amazing motherf***ing hitman and a motherf***ing ladykiller(even guys if u know what I mean 'R27' *nudge nudge wink wink*)
I'd vote but Wattpad is stupid and is not letting me... Sorry
MiyakoKuga MiyakoKuga Jan 15
Didn't reborn say Chaos before he became the arcoblenco(how do you even spell this?!)