27 of the Sky: a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic

27 of the Sky: a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic

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FullmetalMafiaBoss By FullmetalMafiaBoss Updated Jul 26, 2015

Tsuna was just a Dame in everyone's eyes. His classmates. His brother. His father. But Tsuna kept it that way. His true identity, Cielo27- an assassin and hacker, was kept secret. Not even his cruel twin brother who thought he knew everything about Tsuna (which is to say a mute Dame) had not a single thought about Tsuna being one of the top five most dangerous assassins in the Mafia.

When adult Reborn comes to train Tsuna's baka of a brother, Tsuna is treated well by the hitman. And slowly, Tsuna gains new friends.

Contains: OCs, OOCness

ShadowYuki ShadowYuki Oct 04, 2017
Dear God,
                              Please Save Their Poor, Poor Souls,
                              Bring Forth Forgiveness,
                              And Make Sure Isamu Dies In A Horrible Way,
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Oct 08, 2016
*huffs* He should treat people with respect! If he didn't show them respect then they will never show respect to him.
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Jan 08, 2017
If he's an adult it's supposed to be 'Chaos'. 'Ciaossu' is what he says as a baby because his vocal cords aren't exactly developed.
PeachuMilk PeachuMilk Dec 01, 2016
Yay!!! I am so happy because I read another fanfic that was like this but nana and iemitsu were motherf***ing a$$holes while the brother was the one who loved him. I love u nana for loving our precious Tuna!!
HackerFox44 HackerFox44 Aug 11, 2016
This is confusing me already! I thought he was supposed to be a baby!
PeachuMilk PeachuMilk Dec 01, 2016
Reborn the number most amazing motherf***ing hitman and a motherf***ing ladykiller(even guys if u know what I mean 'R27' *nudge nudge wink wink*)