The Day Class Ghoul [ Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul ]

The Day Class Ghoul [ Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul ]

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Kaname's Waifu By The_Last_Otaku Updated Oct 18, 2015

Your name is Amber. You know you're a ghoul. You know there are Vampires. You know about the night class's secrets. You know the mask you own to cover your identity for when you go hunting was your mother's once upon a time. You know that you are a very rare type of ghoul. 


You don't know what happened in the past. You don't know what is going to happen in the future. You don't know that Cross Academy will change your fate. You don't know that someone will try to tear you down. You don't know that someone will try to bring you up. You don't know what awaits you here at all.

But you are about to find out.

  • ccg
  • conflicts
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  • fantasy
  • ghoul
  • kaname
  • kiryuu
  • kuran
  • rivalry
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Yami_Shadows Yami_Shadows Dec 02, 2017
Completely what?? You didnt finish the chapter author-chan D:
CarissaPappas CarissaPappas Dec 09, 2017
Black... But everyone else says white... DON'T CAVE UNDER PEER PRESSURE DON'T DO IT PLEAS- *does cave*
ten-tailed-wolf-kyu ten-tailed-wolf-kyu Dec 09, 2017
Lemme guess are they three walls 
                              (If you understand that your my bestie) I
caprivivi caprivivi 4 days ago
Just your friendly neighborhood spiderman (get the reference?)
DixOutForHaramBAEK DixOutForHaramBAEK Jun 03, 2017
I'm curious what type her kagune is but knowing the whole "She's different." message, I guess it's something weird af.
shadowlordakira2 shadowlordakira2 4 days ago
Yay I'm so glad you choose Amber as the characters name 'cause that means I don't have to pretend to change my 1st name while reading this book. 😁😁😁😊😊😊😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎