Atomic Woman

Atomic Woman

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Shellrod By Shellrod Completed

All of the thugs layed on the floor unconcious. I did it! The hostages stood there, staring at me in shock. News helicopters flew around the building. I walked to the shattered window I entered. The cops were below, just entering the building to rescue the hostages. "Thank you" I heard one of the hostages say. I turned around to see an older woman. 
    "What is your name?" she asked. 

I couldn't tell her my real name. I was just an 18 year old girl trying to finish high school. I never expected any of this. I knew that the powers I had were a blessing. A blessing that needed to be protected. I looked to see her waiting for my response. I said the first name that came to my mind.

      "My name is Atomic Woman " 

I dove out the ten story building before she could say anything. Just like that, a hero was born.

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ElyseHove ElyseHove Aug 01, 2016
I'm actually rereading this book and just now had a face palm cause I didn't make a conception before. Clark Kent right? Unless I'm pointing out something not there.... Ignore me haha brain not at functioning level
Shellrod Shellrod Jun 19, 2013
Yes there is the 2nd which is toxic and the other one I'm working on now is Radioactive :)
Shellrod Shellrod Jun 02, 2013
Thank you very much! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you continue reading!  @creepymouse3
- - Jun 01, 2013
First, your ending are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Second) you kinda repeated a word when the nurse promised she wouldn't tell. "I promis", she promised sounds weird. It be better If u changed the second promis to something else.
- - Jun 01, 2013
I've only read the first chater and I'm already I love with this! I haven't really found a good superhero book until now!
Shinn_ Shinn_ Mar 18, 2013
I think you can describe more about her pain in getting shot. I thought that gun shots hurt like hell,well I'm amazed that she was able to try and grab the fun from the man._.