I'm leaving it up for... nostalgia purposes.

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The girl from the clock tower will always watch through glassy eyes over the city train station. She is a ghost, a princess in her own right forgotten to the whirring of well-oiled parts and newsboy caps.  Stony-hearted, the watchmaker's apprentice can only find solace in himself and his notebook, filled with countless designs. Some are impossible; others may change the world. None can surface, however, until he frees the spirits of the past from his memory.  Life, love, stolen baguettes, and mechanical birds: two lives and a ghost meld into the poetic ballad-of-sorts where all the lost can find their haven.

  • clock
  • clocktower
  • dream
  • ghost
  • girl
  • orphan
  • roam
  • serenity
  • time

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