Him ~ Akashi Seijuro x Reader

Him ~ Akashi Seijuro x Reader

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You're the new girl at Rakuzan High. It's pretty nervous being the new girl, but thankfully you sit next to the guy known as Akashi Seijuro, who doesn't seem so bad...or does he?
Well, let's just see how you get to know him...;)

Akashi x Reader, possibly other pairings later but undecided as of this moment.

Thanks for anyone who reads and votes!


BloodHatter BloodHatter Apr 26
I'm like that. At the first day of school, I'm this 'ignored and quiet person' but once you'll get to know me, you'll think "She's crazy and clumsy!"
BloodHatter BloodHatter Apr 26
Art school, in Tokyo. I actually forced my Mom to let me go there. Besides, there are dorms there. And plus, that means I won't be taking care of my little cousin who destroys my room.
BloodHatter BloodHatter Apr 26
It's not only you. I rarely smile, but even though I want to smile at my best friend, I can't feel a thing. I don't even feel like I'm smiling!
lol when ur the complete opposite of the character I CAN BELIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
falicatena falicatena Jun 12, 2016
I think it's like Ella Enchanted when the fariy god mother gives you a gift and we all got Lucinda and she gave us the talent of awkward
Angel_Wolf_16 Angel_Wolf_16 Dec 05, 2016
I would sometimes do that too or i would just sit there and be like "f*ck it" and then explain  to the teacher that i didn't know it lol