The First Spark To Forever (A Larry Stylinson AU Fan Fiction)

The First Spark To Forever (A Larry Stylinson AU Fan Fiction)

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Free_Strings By Free_Strings Updated Feb 17, 2014

Louis is sent to a Summer Camp as soon as his last year of school ends because the Principal of his school told his parents he was a bully, so what's better than sending him the next three months to a place where he's surrounded by victims? 
Louis hates the idea, and he hates it even more when he arrives to the Camp. 
But something will make this experience a bit more exciting... and that thing is called Harry Styles.

*Collab with @StepTowardsTheLight , go follow her!*

*(Drawing in cover made by RockitRocket [] <---- here you can find more Larry drawings :3)*

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- - Feb 15, 2015
*gets my Larry camera equipment* i'm ready. Bring the action
- - Feb 15, 2015
Well, those people can look the other fûxking way if it's bothering them. Seriously, if you care about the camper's sake, take your twisted knickers and leave
- - Feb 15, 2015
It's two types of sass in the world: the regular sass and the TOMMO SASS
- - Feb 15, 2015
DADDY DIREC-remind me to never write that again. Ever since I've started to read daddy kink, I can say d-a-d-d-y direction to Liam
- - Feb 15, 2015
People say "never beat an angel", but angel or not I do not accept  the word fag or anything that's insultig the gay community from anyone. IDC if it's Zayn, Niall or freakin' Michelle Obama, I will beat your a$$
Free_Strings Free_Strings Jul 09, 2013
@mollyfeliece Ohhhhh you can see it that way hahaha I was like what the hell?!" , yeah, today I was joking with my friend about that lol