The Wheel of Time: The Wind Bringing Snow

The Wheel of Time: The Wind Bringing Snow

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Traxy Thornfield By doctortrax Completed

This story was something I wrote in a Swedish "Wheel of Time" based roleplaying game many years ago (2003?) and did a rough translation of in order to send to the guy who would later end up my husband. :) I wrote it as a way for me to get rid of a bunch of characters at once, as well as a chance to write something about all my characters and what they were up to.

I like the feel of the story, but the text could do with a lot of work in general, realistically. Seeing as how it was only ever meant as a post in a play-by-post roleplaying game, aside from updating the text a little to make me want to gouge my eyes out slightly less, I doubt I'll go back and do more work on it.

Oh yeah, and because they were roleplaying characters, why you get some oddities that wouldn't be okay with canon. Like Aes Sedai born and raised in the Aiel Waste, and Aes Sedai-Accepted relationships that are a wee bit too friendly, etc. *cough* (And spoiler: servants Janus and Atanea are the same person - it's Zoula in disguise. And the girl with the braids at the end is a ghost.)

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rashed1978 rashed1978 Feb 23, 2017
It's great to see Robert Jordan's novels live on. Sounds good
doctortrax doctortrax Aug 28, 2013
I really ought to sort out the wonky translation and make the voice active where it's now passive. Myes.