16 And Pregnant ( Original Story )

16 And Pregnant ( Original Story )

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TwinWriters229 By TwinWriters229 Updated Oct 23

Ashley Reed is a good girl, she does ok at school and tries hard to be the perfect daughter until her world gets turned upside down when

One Party.

A few to many drinks.

And... One mistake that will rock Ashley and her family's world but most importantly will the father stick around?

This story and all its characters are made up by me...please don't steal!

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Thank you for letting me know of the mistake but I'm fully aware that you're stands for you are and did not mean to type it as so.  I type fast and in return sometimes I over type which makes it autocorrect to something else. Sorry about this and I hope you enjoy the story never the less 😊
Your*** father (btw you're is you are) don't yall hoes pay attention in class