All of Me (A Fazza Fanfic) ✔

All of Me (A Fazza Fanfic) ✔

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MzFrappé By MzFrappe Updated Jul 08

#534 IN FANFICTION (4 Mar 2017)

Studious, unexciting and very bored - that was how Alia saw herself. In a moment of weakness, she resigns from her work in Dayton, OH, and whisks herself to Sopela, Spain. There, she meets a very handsome man, whose air of mystery and words of poetry make her long for more.

Schedules, wealth, and boredom - as a royal, Hamdan had seen it all. Jaded with his uber royal life, random foreign women were the last thing he wanted. Until he meets the very woman he knew he could never live without.

"Cause I give you all of me, and you give me all of you." 🎶
* New cover photo & chapters 1, 5, 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 22, 24, 25, 31 & 40 photos courtesy of Fazza's Instagram account (faz3). Cover design done by me (1/21/17).
* Chapters 2-4, 6-8, 15, 18, 20, 23 & 29 photos courtesy of Ali Essa's Instagram account (ali_essa1).
* Chapter 9 photo courtesy of Uncle Saeed's Instagram account (uncle_saeed).
* Chapter 16 photo courtesy of Ali Al Amiri's Instagram account (0aa).
* Chapter 19 photo courtesy of Fazza Forum's Instagram account (fazza_forum).
* Chapter 26 photo courtesy of Mohd Bakheet's Instagram account (moebakheet).
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* Chapter 37 photo courtesy of Mr. Essa Zahidi's Instagram account (essa1010).
* Chapter 42-44 photo courtesy of F3 Instagram account (f3).
* CTTO for other chapter photos that were retrieved by Google search.
* The poem 'The Distance' is a rough translation of one of Fazza's original works (
* CTTO for the song "All of Me" as sung by John Legend.
* The author sincerely apologizes for her mistakes, if any, regarding halal behavior, food and drinks.

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tulikalee tulikalee Nov 02, 2015
I adore the crown prince and this sweet story just makes him more adorable. I'd love to know what happens when they meet in dubai. p.s I'm waiting for the updates. :) cheerio.
ANOOSHAstyles1D ANOOSHAstyles1D Sep 24, 2015
Hey its your story don't listen to anyone just ignoore lol ph and one more thing please update soon
tiharukia tiharukia Sep 14, 2015
its okay,everything will be  just fine,just write whatever you want,you have rights as writer anyway.
myriamkorel myriamkorel Sep 12, 2015
Write your story whichever way you want. It's all yours anyway