High Heels with a Smirk (Nathan Sykes/Tom Parker Fanfic)

High Heels with a Smirk (Nathan Sykes/Tom Parker Fanfic)

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♚ari and hayley♚ By Qwerty_TW Updated Nov 09, 2014

Take a look at Ari Locke and Hayley Kence, two smoking young adults who can make any guy fall to their knees for them. Sexy and savvy, these girls have a little reputation for being the players of England, but only certain people know that. Getting paid hundreds by the hour, these girls know how to make a guy fall hard.

Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes, two lads from The Wanted who have girls falling over them. Being the players they are, they can make a girl do anything for them. They also happen to be The Distraction's next victims, even if they don't know it. 

Paths crossed, these four players have a lot on their hands.

But don't hate the player. Hate the game.

MelEmiC93 MelEmiC93 Mar 25, 2013
omg!!! the suspense is killing me!! please update!! *inserts puppy eyes*.. this ff is awesome,, and yeah,, I juz have to say this.. Nathan sykes is dayyyummm.. ;)
Qwerty_TW Qwerty_TW Mar 08, 2013
@GeorgiaJones11x @NicoleMarieTW i'll try to get Ari to send me the next chapter, she's the one writing most of this story, and I have no idea what the plot is or what happens. Sorry guys. BUt I'll get it up as soon as I get it, promise <3