Fractured Luck // Owen Grady

Fractured Luck // Owen Grady

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[based on Jurassic World]

|| book one of one ||

Luck, that was it. A streak of luck followed me since I graduated college. I suppose one night it had to run out.

started: june 12th 2015
ended: july 12th 2015

Major_nerdy_geek1 Major_nerdy_geek1 4 days ago
Thats so mean. Thats like telling a mother not to touch there child 😖
everyone's commenting about iCarly but I've never watched one episode oOps
sapphirewasneverhere sapphirewasneverhere Aug 20, 2016
oh hey i just moved to south fkoruda what a bloody coincidence
californiadventure californiadventure Jul 18, 2016
If someone says this to me I make it my mission to look as bored as possible
httpxfangirl httpxfangirl Mar 15, 2016
Lol name of the girl who shouldn't have won the Bachelor's heart.