My Little Human Mate

My Little Human Mate

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Logan Grey By logangrey Updated Jan 06, 2017

"Hey guys, this is Keely-" I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. She had long wavy brown hair and grey eyes. She is where the smell has been coming from. A deep low growl built up in my chest cutting off Jake. "Mine" I growled. My wolf yipped inside of me clawing it's way to the surface wanting to take her now. God she was beautiful, and she was mines. 


Avery Scott just turned 18 and is looking for his mate. Keely Simons just turned 15 and is looking for a way to go through High School unnoticed, considering that she is a sophomore taking classes with the seniors. I guess it is going to be hard on her when she ends up being the mate and future Luna to Avery Scott, the Alpha of the strongest pack in the United States, the Blood Moon Pack.

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Purplepanda1544 Purplepanda1544 Aug 30, 2017
*When the male protagonist isn't Nick Bateman or Francisco Lachowski*
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I’m so relatable I always say 5 more minutes but next thing you know 30 minutes pass
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Will someone introduce me to my future husband. 😍😍😍😍
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Why do I imagine Nathan speaking in a surfer dude accent... Welp....