Hide Away  Hiro x Reader

Hide Away Hiro x Reader

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(Y/n) is different. 
So is Hiro.
She has a secret to keep,
He has a secret as well.
She is threatened to never spill
He is forced to never tell.

Then they get tangled in each other's business.

And that's when things get chaotic.

(Y/n), a girl who Hiro thinks is almost certainly crazy,  just so happened to move to San Fransokyo. 

Of course she has a strange part about her, it's noticeable. Unfortunately, it isn't easy hiding this kind of secret in plain sight.

Hiro is a boy whom isn't all about what he says he is. For a boy who talks a lot though, having a secret as big as this isn't easy to keep as you might think.

(Y/n) and Hiro both know something is going on in each other's lives, it's obvious. The way he acts unnatural, the way she changes the subject, it's to hard to miss.

Of course, secrets exist to be spilled so how is (y/n) and Hiro going to stop anyone from knowing? In the end they may just have to accept the fact that it's okay to tell your friends. 

Friends you trust that is...

Hide Away

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