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Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru

Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru

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Abigail H. Bouts By Mychemicalpastaclub Updated Jun 27, 2016

"Welcome back, dear! I have some exciting news for you!" Your mother said happily as you walked through the door. "Hm? Oh hey mom. What's up?" "Well, I was thinking that it would be better if you went to an actual school, instead of being homeschooled by tutors here!" She said. "But mom I like staying here and being homeschooled!!" You whined. "I know sweetheart but your already 15 and I want you to get out and make some friends!" Your mom said more sternly, hoping to get her point. You huffed and crossed your arms. "Fine. I'll go." Your mom smiled widely and clapped her hands with joy. "Great! Oh, and since this is a very elite school, you will have to wear a uniform! Well, more like a dress." Your mother said. You froze and twitched. "A-a....dress!?" You screeched. You growled and your angry face came on. "THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL YOUR GONNA MAKE ME WEAR A DRESS!!!" "But sweetie it's the dress code...and please don't curse." Your mother said softly, trying to calm you down. 

She knew ...

Crowley-Macleod Crowley-Macleod 2 days ago
Wait 7...but... oh!!! Y/n doesn't know Haruhi is a girl 😂😂😂
Really three times fine I'm opening my emo corner to everyone grumble
You aren't gonna be one if you keep crying An yelling over it
Crowley-Macleod Crowley-Macleod 2 days ago
I thought of Dean Winchester when I saw the word dean 😂😂😂
Crowley-Macleod Crowley-Macleod 2 days ago
My mom does not act like this so it's kind of weird trying to imagine it. Actually it's scary to try 😱😱😱
Grrr my emo corner why is everyone stealing my emo corner grumble