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YourShadeOfGold By rochy101 Updated Jul 26

Previously called "The New Girl". It has been completed and edited.

They were not perfect, but who is? They have baggage, but that's what made them who they are today. Nothing can always be sunshine and rainbows, that's not how life works. But being real, and who you are, is indeed what makes it real altogether. 

She comes from a broken family. He comes from a broken past that involves deception and lack of trust. They didn't ask for it, they received it because they were able to handle the pain and turn it into something unimaginable.

They didn't have to be perfect, but in a way they were perfect together. It came with a lot of complications, but that isn't what all it came with. It came with caring, trust, friendship, and love. Even though they were a little unsteady, they made the impossible possible.

This was my first ever book. It may not be perfect, but I tried. No one may copyright or use my book without my permission. All rights reserved by the author (me). Thank you :)

My names Allison too... but spelled differently.. also I am shy too, and quiet.
sunhine28 sunhine28 Apr 26
I can tell I am going to like this book and I am also shy sometime with new people
Omg you spelled the name the way I spell it! Never in my life have I heard of anyone that spells "Allyson" the way I do! Yassss! *Runs around the room cheering *
BarksdaleChild1 BarksdaleChild1 Dec 28, 2015
I wish that you made longer chapters...other than that its good ;)
BarksdaleChild1 BarksdaleChild1 Dec 28, 2015
Its a Great Start of the story like a series of unfortunate events make it seem like everything's going to be Okay but then it is switched up.Nice
Lizzy901 Lizzy901 Jul 15, 2015
I love your book you are amazing I don't read at all and I found this book and ahhh it's so good