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Tutor Me. (Troyler AU)

Tutor Me. (Troyler AU)

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Becca By tyleroakleyordie Updated Feb 23

Troye, a 17 year old boy who could care less about school. He is the complete opposite from his siblings, who just graduated high school and were now studying in the country's best college. Either way, Troye didn't give two shits about his family or school. The way they alienate him causes him to be bitter, resulting in shutting everyone out. 
Tyler, a 24 year old tutor with a passion for teaching. When he gets a call from a concerned father, he immediately accepts the offer to tutor the rebellious boy. He quickly becomes attracted to the younger beauty but, he does everything in his power to keep their relationship strictly professional, despite the fact that Troye obviously feels the same. 
As Troyes family begins to push him away, too busy with work and traveling to take care of him,Troye finds himself growing closer to Tyler and soon, his tutor becomes his escape.  
But Tyler has a dark secret, will Troye be able to handle it once he finds out?
*Some underage drinking* *Smut Warning* *Violence Warning* *One Trigger Warning.*
**No self harm, abuse or statutory rape**

undojimin undojimin Oct 18, 2016
I agree but I do well in school but at the same time Id want to study music/art not algebraic equations or how to do MLA format writing
UnexplainedWeirdo UnexplainedWeirdo Dec 18, 2016
Its because now we learn to pass not learn to actually use it in the future
permanently-confused permanently-confused Dec 27, 2016
This has nothing to do with anything but I'm listening to music with headphones on and it's loud and I was just listening to She's 22 and then Youth came on and it was really loud compared to She's 22 and I jumped because it scared me and I fell of the couch
savingyoutonight savingyoutonight Dec 26, 2016
Okay so my best friends both have read this story, and I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT. I HAVE HEARD SUCH GOOD THINGS!!!!
I'm rereading because I REALLY don't want to work on my English project
Nevalia-Yui Nevalia-Yui Sep 19, 2016
Before anyone of us comment "same", does someone wanna talk about it ? We're all freaking lost and broken, let's just talk about it.