DolanTwin Imagines ✔

DolanTwin Imagines ✔

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Imagines about these twins. 

Names: Ethan & Grayson

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Started: August 18, 2016

Ended: August 1, 2017


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Dolantwinslover185 Dolantwinslover185 May 13, 2017
And we move in together in L.A. bc I am from there and that is where we met
1Amandajune 1Amandajune Nov 19, 2017
                              -Pregnant with his baby 
                              -Blonde/ blue eyes/ kinda tall 
                              -My name is Amanda and my best friend is Kyler
KateOrtega786 KateOrtega786 Jun 29, 2017
                              His house 
                              Medium redwood hair, green eyes, loves swimming. Bsf-Melody and Jackie
GrayIsMCE GrayIsMCE May 29, 2017
                              Scenario:We are best friends at a his house for a sleepover and I caught him having a wet dream about me
                              Description of me: I am 5'6, I have black short hair, I have glasses, brown eyes
                              My Name: Kapria 
                              Best friend: Tatia
                              Dirty or cute: Both😊😏
andrea27macsay andrea27macsay Oct 09, 2016
Twin: Grayson. Names: My name is Andrea and best friend is Kaycie. Scenario: save gray from getting hurt on the streets then falling in love💞. Description: black eyes, highlighted blonde brunette hair and shorty short. Cute imagine. Thanks😍😍😍😍
MME01723 MME01723 Jul 09, 2016
                              Meeting for the first time 
                              5'7 brunette brown eyes 
                              My name is Morgan 
                              Best friend Katey