Breaking Black (A Sirius Black Love Story)

Breaking Black (A Sirius Black Love Story)

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Bri :) By brianne964 Updated Jul 02

"I solemnly swear that I will get Sirius Black to change his player ways."
"There's only one way you can get him to do that."
"You need him to fall in love with you."

Lexi Stryker is in for quite a ride when she begins her life as a witch at Hogwarts. Not only is she completely surrounded by magic, but she meets her match in Sirius Black. Both equally hilarious, crazy, cocky, and outgoing, the two should become instant friends. But what happens when Lexi realizes Sirius is more than a jokester? He's the school bad boy and player. Lexi makes a vow to stop Sirius' player ways before his and many girls' hearts are broken.
Can Lexi tame the wild Sirius Black without breaking their friendship and her own heart?

This is basically 7 years in one, start from whichever year you want. I could've made 7 short books, but this is just one long one. So sue me. More info in Prologue.


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This is me when I saw black and blue:
                              I DON'T SEE BLACK AND BLUE, I SEE BLUE GOLD
boopah12 boopah12 Jun 13
What's wrong with being  a muggle? I'm a muggle. Wait it sucks. That lucky duck.
panically panically Apr 14, 2016
I'm so proud of how far your book  has come! I'm proud to be one of the people you've dedicated it to. ( i changed my name from claimer if the clams;)
phandomisgayaf phandomisgayaf Aug 09, 2016
but didn't they go to diagon ally to get felix' stuff? how will they get hers?
cinderhelmo cinderhelmo May 25, 2016
Oh that would be me killing the cat by accident because I was trying to do magic.
thegraciousone thegraciousone Jan 04, 2016
That's an excellent thing to do to make it easier, I might do that to when I start writing my Marauder/Harry Potter stories :) however I'll read from the beginning, don't want to miss anything :)