Their Kouhai | KnB

Their Kouhai | KnB

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» "At its core, the Falcon represents visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship.  This powerful bird awakens visionary power, and leads you to your life purpose.  The Falcon carries with it a message of transition and change - perhaps in your vocation, work, career, etc." « ~ Symbolism of the Falcon


The Winter Cup has passed and a new year has begun. Kuroko has regained his low presence and new challenges await the ever-rising Seirin team. The other schools have new players/starting lineups from the former third years graduating. It also seems that someone from the past turns up to spice things up even more. Previously associated with the GoM in Teiko and known as the White Falcon, Howaito might just help complete the transition of getting the GoM into playing as team members and showing a new side of them. He may also be more alike to them than they had thought. After all, don't all the colors of the rainbow combined make white?

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niconiconiibitch niconiconiibitch Sep 24, 2017
i can imagine hinata shouting that while looking for new members at the start of the year
Can I just say that these words alone made me the happiest person XD
I fricken love volleyball, I have three volleyballs. Two Wilson brand volleyballs and one Mikasa, The one they use in the nationals and stuff. I love the sport so much.
Ky-Sama_Kitsune Ky-Sama_Kitsune Aug 07, 2016
                              SUGA-MAMA NISHI IS BEING LOUD!!!
                              Suga: Nishinoya-kun be more quieter and you too Ky!
                              Me:B-but...yes Mama
PolarBearBuddy PolarBearBuddy Dec 04, 2016
I started to hate volleyball
                              Because of the coaches (*3 #############)
Ryuu_No Ryuu_No Dec 08, 2016
Whenever I read or hear volleyball, all I can think of is Haikyu!!. 
                              Sports anime.