Vampires Of Day And Night

Vampires Of Day And Night

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.. By BeneathTheConstant Updated Jun 11, 2016

//The stories that I make maybe or maybe not based on real life scenarios.I dramatically write them for my own enjoyment and amusement.If by chance some scenes you find here are alike with those that you have read before that would only mean that i was reading that book/fanfic at that time.If ever some parts of my story are definitely alike with other author's story it would be purely just a coincidence. // ( Happysquid's note)

walking mindlessly along the forest. the part where people dont usually go around.

the only reason jirim is doing this was because of the one and only letter that was given to her after her father's death.

it said that once she received and read what's inside she have to immediately look for that said place.

since it was the last thing she had. jirim had no choice but to  follow and do what the letter said. so here she is just utterly following the map written on the letter.

seriously how am i suppose to find a place which im not sure if it ever existed??! ...

darlingpanandHPfan darlingpanandHPfan Aug 24, 2017
something about this reminds me of diabolik lovers an anime show
junnosukechanquiles junnosukechanquiles May 12, 2017
goddamn it i keep reading her name as jimin fuk it jimin it is then lol
JAMSking JAMSking Feb 27, 2017
They were expecting her so I'm guessing everyone in the house hold would know.. >~>
a_ser101 a_ser101 Aug 04, 2016
Reminds me of Diabolik Lovers already, but it's still good lol
Singer4life125 Singer4life125 Aug 21, 2016
Diabolik lovers but with kpop idols, where the reader is Yui
cheecheetorakpop cheecheetorakpop Feb 19, 2013
I can't wait for the next chapter and knew that Tao was the one who kissed her