Stalker loves me!!!

Stalker loves me!!!

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LazyButCrazy By LazyButCrazy Updated Sep 15, 2015

“Hello???” I asked unsurely.

 “I love you, Amanda” A manly voice replied immediately.

“What the hell??? Who are you???”I asked surprised and at the same time astounded by the forwardness.

“I am a guy who loves you” He replied sarcastically.

“I already have a BOYFRIEND!!”

"I know that too but still I love you" he replied confidently.

What will Amanda do? And the million dollars question is why he is stalking her?

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fatsqadar11 fatsqadar11 Jul 20, 2017
Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone I'll be waiting........ Let the game continue.... Comment the lyrics
QueenOfHearts416 QueenOfHearts416 May 28, 2017
Almost like.... I am the guy who loves you.... Or stalker!😂😂😂
fatsqadar11 fatsqadar11 Jul 20, 2017
😯😯😯😯😯😯 for the third time in my life I'm SPEECHLESS!!!!! Don't ask the first and second times
Jay91827 Jay91827 6 days ago
It's ironic how Valentines Day is tomorrow. No its not. It's just timing.😂
Asianslayer Asianslayer Jul 06, 2016
Now I see why every girl say that now,  I must say this to every man or thing I see. *walks up to cashier *cashier :how are yo-
                              Me: um excuse me I have a boyfriend 
                              *walks out the store with bags*
Asianslayer Asianslayer Jul 06, 2016
Lored have mercy even his name  bruh *throws laptop outside* *lights match and throws on top of laptop * stupid lappoop