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Andrea By LaPetiteMorte18 Updated 4 years ago
Hi my name is Cameron my life was going pretty good had the best girl-friend in the world name Quinn. But all that change when Quinn's band gets notice by the huge record label now Quinn and my best-friends are gone for the summer opening for different bands. We promise that we'll talk everyday but that's kind of hard when your girl-friend is always on the move.
This is really good. Cameron and Quinn seem very adorable as a couple. Just the fact on how they act together. I like the plot too, Keep going 8)
sorry i forgot to
                                    this story is soo cute:)
                                    I love how its in third person. So many things are written in first person on here.
                                    Im going to keep reading! voted! and fan-ed
I really like the beginning, very cute! BUt a couple of things, I noticed that every here and there you tended to drop the " at the end of some of the dialogue. ^_^ And also there were some points where you switched from past tense to present tense, but other than that, it's super cute!
Aww, I love how lovey dovey they are. So cute! The characters seem very admirable from what you describe, and their bond is tight. Hopefully nothing happens too bad...
!!!! is their reltionship going to last? and i think quinn is going to break up... but that just my thoughts. i realy want them to stay together though, because they seem so right for each other. i also think Quinn was a little harsh when cam did reply...
I feel like this relationship's not going to last. Still like the story, great job! Btw, was Cameron's name previously Adam? There are a couple places Adam is written during the phone conversation.