The Legacy

The Legacy

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"The Legacy"
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His eyes burned their bright cobalt, lighting up like a magnificent blue fire. His tattoos began to glow, his inner light moving down and igniting the tribal marks in their path. 

He looked absolutely breath taking and boy was he pissed.

He was thrumming with a white hot anger so intense he was literally shaking, his hands balled into tight fists. His muscles taut, tense and bulging; ready for a fight. "Get.Your. Hands. Off. Her." His words were slow, precise but rang with a quiet so deadly it would make the most ferocious animals shiver. 

"I told you not to piss him off!" I hissed to Max, "You need to let me go- now!"

"That's not going to happen," Max bit out, glaring harshly at Stark. Slowly Max raised his right hand still gripping me with the left. Stark watched the movement closely. "Leave us alone. Let me take her."

Stark scoffed, "Not gonna happen."

Max shrugged, "Then this is your fault." He swung his hand in an upward motion, a massive "whoosh" sounding all around us. 

That was when all hell broke loose.


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Reema_yasin Reema_yasin Jun 02
I already hate Max and thats what he gets for trying to smack a woman
Bewitchingpeople Bewitchingpeople Nov 10, 2015
House of Night, Game of Thrones, Iron Man! Why do they all have Starks?
WEML101 WEML101 Oct 06, 2015
For some reason ch 5 seeing leads to this and I'm not sure why but I think it can be fixed if u re upload the chapter :)
DaddyLovesYou DaddyLovesYou Jul 31, 2015
This name does things to me because of the house of night series
musiclover2615 musiclover2615 Jul 02, 2015
I'm really excited about this 
                              I'm sure I'm gonna love this ♡♡♡
fakeassbitch_ fakeassbitch_ Jul 02, 2015
I already know this book is going to be the bomb ❤❤❤❤