Dark and Light

Dark and Light

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Jasmine Lau By Nobody0920 Updated Jun 25, 2016

??? POV 
"I said get rid of the girl! It us a danger to my company and my life!! We don't need a bother some little girl ruining my buisness and my reputation."

"B-but she is your daughter!! OUR daughter!! You can't just throw her out like this."

"I can do as I wish. Now get rid of the monstrous thing" He hissed 

I stood there crying my eyes out and didn't move.

"Give me the monster! If you can't get rid of it then I will."

"NOOO DON'T TOUCH HER!!!" I cried, but it was no use. I sat there crying as i saw my beautiful baby veing wisked away by her, suppose to be father. I coukd hear her crying and screaming and i wanted to comfort her, but its ro late.This was the last time I saw my baby...


"Dump this monstrosity in the forest of death. I never want to see its face again and shut up the damn thing!"

"B-but sir are you s..."


"Yes Sir..."

In the forest if death
Nobody POV 
"I'm sorry little one" the work...

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skmeone sounds like scumone. you just called a baby scum. congratulations.
flamingwonder flamingwonder May 18, 2016
I was just reading another mildly fan fix and when midnight came home lucy jumoedbon him and yelled "GIMME BANCAKES!" BANANA PANCAKES HE SQUISHED THE BANANAS AND THEN MADE OUT
Nobody0920 Nobody0920 Jul 14, 2016
Layla is trying to keep the baby her POV the next one is jude
StayFlexin2k StayFlexin2k Feb 18, 2016
Yass *claps so hard her hands turn red*  THX for the awesome chapter