Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts

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The world is in danger. They can't handle it by themselves. The Tri-ni-sette summons what they believe was their salvation.

 Seven Kids.

Seven. Broken. Kids.

How can they save the world if their only salvation is the one who needs to be saved first?

1st Gen/ 10th Gen
Time Travel

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JayMacaroni JayMacaroni Jun 30, 2017
For a second I thought it was going to be a Percy Jackson fanfic
99930D 99930D Jul 22, 2017
Was it bad that I fell off the top bunk of my bed because I laughed too much?
akumaangelsakura akumaangelsakura Mar 22, 2016
Yes! That is more important than the might be destruction of human kind or whatever it is that is happening around him.
akumaangelsakura akumaangelsakura Mar 22, 2016're telling me...that you eat five cakes a day..? And you're still not fat...? That's just unfair....
- - Oct 30, 2015
As expected of the cake-freak........but still its so KAWAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII!!! *squeak*
- - Oct 30, 2015
Kawa.....kawasari?......i know his name but i couldnt remember it  completely :(