Red (Scarlet Witch)

Red (Scarlet Witch)

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Shaylee Nicole By Ihasthepanda Completed

~"You are not alone."~

*Before and after AOU*


•Now Completed•


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BOOKLOVER_131 BOOKLOVER_131 Jul 12, 2017
AwesomeWriter103 AwesomeWriter103 Jul 10, 2016
Wow. I am quite surprised with the results. I love your writing and description. Great job!
Wlwnerd Wlwnerd Aug 21, 2016
Headcanon that their mom is preggo with Lorna like I know they're half siblings but still
angst_fueled_soul angst_fueled_soul Feb 09, 2016
I love how you put them in an orphanage. The only story line for their past I've gone with is moving in with their aunt and uncle who aren't exactly the nicest and that's kinda cliché. It's....refreshing I think would be the word for it?
angst_fueled_soul angst_fueled_soul Feb 09, 2016
I'm beyond hooked. You made me cry the first chapter so now I have to read the rest 😂
- - Jan 13, 2017
NOO this is so cute right now...I know what's next and I don't want it urgh