School is hard with friends like MINE!- (human) Fnaf x reader

School is hard with friends like MINE!- (human) Fnaf x reader

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PieMuncher18 By PieMuncher18 Updated Aug 31, 2015

So this is the story about (y/n), the new junior in Hillview High School! What happens when she meets five people that want to be her friends? What will happen when three of them take a liking to her?

This story contains my OTP- Foxy x Chica (Ha! You though I would put Foxy as someone who has a crush on you well you are mistaken!) Calm down reader-chan you still have Freddy, Bonnie, and Gold (Golden Freddy). Well reader-chan you have your hands full, have fun! (sarcasm- jazz hands-)

Well see you in the story my Munchies!


P.S.- Cover and other pictures are not mine unless claimed so, Fnaf and its characters are Scott Cawthon's and (y/n) is you or your o.c.! All ideas are mine and only mine so please do not copy! Enjoy!

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DaShippinGoddess DaShippinGoddess Jul 19, 2017
                              °•She was great•°
                              🌹🌹🌹I'm sorry for your loss 🌹🌹🌹
That happened to my guinea pig and her 3 babies because my dog got to the grown and my cat got to the little
EnvysLittleLoli EnvysLittleLoli Oct 15, 2017
That happened to my hamster as well. Be happy!!!! Mine was murdered though. I'm on the lookout for the culprit. If u see someone who looks like they killed a baby hamster six years ago, lemme know.
But, thinking about it now, robo hamsters are the most hyper, so maybe heart attack/lungs collapsing might have caused it.
MiniMiniNinja538 MiniMiniNinja538 Aug 09, 2017
*plays taps* We are gathered here today to mourn the death of a hamster that I never knew, but will mourn out of respect because hamsters are beautiful creatures. Today, we respect both Sketch and and her owner, as they have been separated.
Dogmastah67 Dogmastah67 Dec 28, 2017
My dog shadow died June first 2017 and he was y birthday present too he was a cane corso he was diagnosed wih cancer because of a tumor on his left cheek it so 
                              You will always be remembered