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School is hard with friends like MINE!- (human) Fnaf x reader

School is hard with friends like MINE!- (human) Fnaf x reader

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PieMuncher18 By PieMuncher18 Updated Aug 31, 2015

So this is the story about (y/n), the new junior in Hillview High School! What happens when she meets five people that want to be her friends? What will happen when three of them take a liking to her?

This story contains my OTP- Foxy x Chica (Ha! You though I would put Foxy as someone who has a crush on you well you are mistaken!) Calm down reader-chan you still have Freddy, Bonnie, and Gold (Golden Freddy). Well reader-chan you have your hands full, have fun! (sarcasm- jazz hands-)

Well see you in the story my Munchies!


P.S.- Cover and other pictures are not mine unless claimed so, Fnaf and its characters are Scott Cawthon's and (y/n) is you or your o.c.! All ideas are mine and only mine so please do not copy! Enjoy!

RBUPCC RBUPCC Apr 22, 2016
My friend died the other day and now this!?!?! I'm so so so very sorry...I've list a guinea pig as well...*hugs*
haochs haochs Jan 07
Sorry about your loss but at least your brother that you never new (died begins to cry hard) because mine did!!!! 😭😭😭😭⚰😖😫
Gyrendolen Gyrendolen May 28, 2016
I'm sorry about Sketch
                              She'll be with you always
                              I'd say I know what you feel like but that'd be insensitive, because even though I've lost a pet before everybody has a different experience.
JJgranados JJgranados Jul 03, 2016
I am sorry for your loss 😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢
FnafFangirl221 FnafFangirl221 Dec 06, 2016
So sorry for ye .... I know how it feels
                              Hope u feel better now
OMGRhiRhiSellars4ev OMGRhiRhiSellars4ev Aug 06, 2016
I have the sry.ive had live 50 cats in the past and they are all prob dead and I just try not to think about that