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Since We Met (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) AU

Since We Met (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) AU

86.3K Reads 4.7K Votes 68 Part Story
Ally By SmallWingedOne Updated Nov 17, 2016

This is a story about growing up and dealing with the changes that come with it.(I will give middle names because I can.)These stories are told in Third Person Limited format.
Percy and Nico meet since they're about to enter kinder. The story goes throughout their years, jumping a year or two at first, then slowing down when they get to high school. Percy is confident and social, makes friends, gets a girlfriend, has a few issues, but they don't knock him down. All the while, he has the thought in his head that he might have feelings for Nico. It only scares him because Nico is his best friend. He doesn't want to lose him. Especially since Nico grew up thinking homosexuality was bad. It's what Nico engraved in his own mind. He's so different from his best friend. Nico completely contrasts Percy, preferring to lose himself in books, music, studying, and extra credit. Until the tables turn, and their roles switch. 
This story is about two guys understanding themselves, and the other. It's about them growing up and trying to make sense of everything that happens to them and everything they feel. Follow these two characters as they grow up and try to find their way to each other.
Includes Solangelo, nice Annabeth, Camp Jupiter characters,&allusions/parallels to the books
WARNING: There is some hate talk, offensive language, minor drug/sex talk. I do not approve of them, I'm simply getting a story and point across. PG 13 
Also, all songs and books and movies mentioned are not mine, and are usually credited. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

This is cute but I kinda don't like that parents are teaching boys they can't cry
Percico_Nicercy Percico_Nicercy May 31, 2016
I confess that I'm a long time reader of this story but holy cow I skipped the first, like, 1/8 of it
Jianna3960 Jianna3960 Aug 08, 2016
Lol! I sound so mean that I laughed at Nico being dumber😩😩😩😩😩
AnnabethFan26 AnnabethFan26 Dec 31, 2016
I like how it's 68 parts *lenny face* one more and... 
                              Gosh I'm immature
VazquezVargas VazquezVargas Dec 27, 2015
I just have one question._./ .... the story contain spoilers? I mean, important spoilers from the last books, just asking 💙💙💙
- - Jun 16, 2015
oh my gods this story sounds amazing! so glad I found this and I am def giving you a shoutout in my next chapter ;)