Competing for Natsu

Competing for Natsu

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Gray is in love with his best friend Natsu Dragneel. 
Sting is in love with the boy he was friends with all those years ago. 
Natsu doesn't know how either of his two friends feel, after all he is oblivious. 

Who will win Dragneel's heart?


TheAugustsRain TheAugustsRain Aug 20, 2016
Me: *sees Gay instead of Gray nearby Juvia*
                              Me: *narrows my eyes* Juvia dis ain't your love story please be kind and back off sweetie
- - Oct 09, 2016
I'm so happy and proud. :') First off thank you Lisanna, Erza, Juvia and Lucy. Second Thank you Juvia for not being all 'Loooooove riiiiiiival......' Thank you.
VernoT VernoT May 24, 2016
My heart just died. Please just leave me to be in the corner, slowly withering away.
                              *goes over to corner and grows mushrooms* Its ok gray, you can join me after the rejection hits *cries*
Anime_Overload04 Anime_Overload04 Mar 10, 2016
Is that a mistake or is it indicating something *wink* *wink*.
- - Oct 09, 2016
@loveanimelol I agree. If they do get girlfriends I'll be find with it, I'll just ship harder XD