Hisoka's interest

Hisoka's interest

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This will be a Hisoka x OC story, sorry it was gonna be x Reader but I get jealous :3. Will not be your tradition Hisoka story.

My oc Veladandra, the highly skilled weapon and nen user. Meets Hisoka, another skilled fighter, on her way to the Hunter Exam. Hisoka seems to find interest in her and sticks around for the exam. After being thoroughly impressed in the final phase, he decided he doesn't want to part yet. There the true adventure starts, where will his interest in the girl lead him? And does she return an interest in him? 

The shows story line will be followed for the majority, but certain things I'm going to change a lot. I've only watched what's on Netflix so far but by the time I get there I'm sure I'll have watched the rest. Any suggestions will be appreciated, and if you want something added let me know and I'll see what I can do. I hope you enjoy my first fanfic, and please do comment.

I do not own the rights to Hunter x Hunter.

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Moonlit_Dragon Moonlit_Dragon Aug 18, 2017
I would never give my name to that clown. But knowing him, if you interest him, he will find out your name, no matter what.
IcedCoffee19 IcedCoffee19 Jul 01, 2015
I really like it so far!!!!! Its really good! And its your first fanfiction!!! Im so glad theres other people who love hisoka apart from me
Hisokasbooty Hisokasbooty Jun 17, 2015
its very good so far. And has a good plot. Also idk why I imagined your aunt with an orlesian accent.(dragons age reference lol)
JeonSNS JeonSNS Jul 18, 2018
lol no offense author chan butits a long and kinda weird name. im sorry author san pls dont be mad at me > ~ <